Natalie G. Owens

To secure a future for the ocean world, one of the clan must be sacrificed.

Olinda ‘Ollie’ Quorin is the heir to a mermaid dynasty in the Indian Ocean. However, she is far from the dignified and talented princess her galere wants her to be. When summons come from the 13th Region to send a mermaid to retrieve the Legacy Stone that will sanctify the ocean once delivered to a sacred location, everyone turns to Ollie—the perfect subject for this quest, being such a disgrace to her elders and thus, expendable. Reeling from this betrayal, Ollie travels to the surface. Living up to her reputation, she botches her very first task— binding a reluctant and surly human male to her side, along with her spell to give her the ability to breathe on land.

Kavan Daniels has learned to survive on the treacherous lands and coasts of what was formerly known as Madagascar. He’s prepared for everything … except this crazy mermaid he cannot escape for more than ten paces, thanks to her bungled magic. Ollie needs a Mage to find the location of the Legacy Stone. Kavan needs the same Mage to break free from this exasperating and clumsy female. Their journey will be fraught with danger, none less of which being the sizzling attraction developing between them.

Pair an accident-prone but sprightly mermaid with a socially-challenged ogre of a human, and you get a recipe for disaster. Put the fate of the entire lower Indian Ocean—or what’s left of it—in their hands, and all life is doomed to succumb to darkness.

If they don’t die first.

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about the cursed seas

Dangerous Sorcery.

When the remaining lands on earth are left mostly uninhabitable, the Mages agree to turn humans into Sirens to reside in the safer underwater cities. This gift, however, comes with an unforeseen consequence.

As the mages tap into wicked sorcery to make this happen, monstrous creatures from the deep awake. Now the darkness is spreading, and the only way to stop it is for each Siren clan to locate one of the lost Legacy Stones and harness the power to save their people.

Being chosen for this mission is a death sentence, but with the world slowly disappearing, the Sirens, humans, and mages are out of time.

These are the stories of the Cursed Seas.