Carly Fall

Her Siren Clan is dying, and she’ll face death to save them. 

The only thing that can reverse the curse and save her people from extinction is a long-lost Legacy Stone.

But Rainie won’t be able to find it alone. She must travel to land and locate a mage who knows where the magical stone is hidden. With the assistance of the one man willing to help her, they battle foreign creatures and the most dangerous animals of all – humans – while looking for the stone.

Death hunts them down at every turn. And even if they can find the stone in time to save her people, the cost of her clan’s survival may be paid with her own life.

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about the cursed seas

Dangerous Sorcery.

When the remaining lands on earth are left mostly uninhabitable, the Mages agree to turn humans into Sirens to reside in the safer underwater cities. This gift, however, comes with an unforeseen consequence.

As the mages tap into wicked sorcery to make this happen, monstrous creatures from the deep awake. Now the darkness is spreading, and the only way to stop it is for each Siren clan to locate one of the lost Legacy Stones and harness the power to save their people.

Being chosen for this mission is a death sentence, but with the world slowly disappearing, the Sirens, humans, and mages are out of time.

These are the stories of the Cursed Seas.