Heather Marie Adkins

One by one, the residents of Senka Hollow are falling to the shadows.

Residual darkness leftover from a hundred-year old battle has begun to creep into the city and infect the people. Agent Maurelle Nez’s job is to track down the worst of the shadow touched and bring them in – dead or alive. Relle isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the name of the Hollow. Someone has to keep the Hollow safe from the shadows, and she’s good at it. So good they call her “Reaper.”

The only other stronghold against the dark is the sleeping princess buried beneath the desert sand. While investigating the mysterious death of a loved one, Relle uncovers a horrifying secret: The princess’s magic is failing. The infection is spreading, and more than one person in charge has been shadow touched.

Then the princess wakes.

Unaffected by the rising darkness, Relle journeys deep into her Navajo heritage to find a way to restore the princess to power before the shadow swallows everything she knows.

Fans of Kim Harrison and Divergent won’t want to miss this harsh dystopian with faeries and magick that barrels into a breathless, beautiful conclusion.

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about the dark fae hollows


After the Fae and Humans nearly destroyed each other and their realms, the Queen of the Good Fae buried her thirteen daughters amidst the ruins, using their innate magic to create thirteen new hollows where Fae and Humans could rebuild.

Her valiant efforts were too little, too late. The violence and devastation contaminated the land, and dark energy leached into the earth, infecting the Queen’s thirteen daughters’ magic.

One hundred years later, the daughters rose from the earth. And with them came unimaginable darkness.

These are the stories of the Dark Fae hollows.