Jayne Faith

In The Colony, where the Demon Lord devours the hearts of witches to feed his power, a woman’s magic must stay hidden . . .

The Demon Lord claimed Victoria’s mother and fiance years ago. Now she’s living her life raising six orphan girls and trying to conceal her magical abilities before the Demon Lord claims her next. But then a handsome but foul-mouthed, bad-tempered stranger begins following her, any hope of avoiding the same fate as her mother is shattered.

Lorenzo, a surly fallen angel, knows how to end the Demon Lord’s tyranny, but he was betrayed by the last witch who was supposed to work with him. Despite his grudge against witches, he knows Victoria is the key to breaking the curse of the Watchtower, and he needs her water magic to finish the job.

There’s only one problem: his plan to take down the watchtower could kill hundreds of innocent people in the process, and Victoria can’t let that happen. But if they don’t break the curse, the Colony will be condemned to a fate worse than death: another hundred years of the Demon Lord’s cruel reign.

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about the cursed angels watchtowers

Angels and Witches must join forces to overcome the Demons that have cursed the earth.

Many years ago, a demon inhabited a witch’s body to cast a spell to open all thirteen dimensions so that the demon spirits trapped there could be unleashed onto earth. But when the demons were released, the dimensions collided, creating rifts in the earth that re-divided the world into 13 continents, each with their own curse.

In each city, high and protected in the city’s Watchtower, the Demon Lord of that dimension resides. And so long as that Demon remains on earth, his curse will reign over the Circle where he resides. In an attempt to reverse the damage, 13 of the strongest angels were sent to earth to defeat the Demon Lords. However, their sacrifice came at a price: they would have to take on the curse of the circle they were sent to, and would be damned to earth until the curse was lifted.

Lifting the curse, however, means befriending a witch…which the angels believed to all be as evil as the demons themselves.

These are the stories of the Cursed Angel watchtowers.