Thea Atkinson & Rebecca Hamilton

Coventina Hollow is doomed to darkness. And so is Everly…

Abandoned by her family on the shores of Avalon–the heart of Coventina Hollow–Everly becomes a peculiar fosterling in a legendary coven afraid of her natural magic.

When a fiery streak across the sky signals the arrival of the chosen one–a child who can bring light back to a shadowed world where Fae, human, and witch alike have learned to live in darkness–Everly’s life goes from bad to worse.

Now her coven has the opportunity to rid themselves of her and test the veracity of the prophecy all at once. But even if she can survive the kraken that protects the isle from rest of the hollow, she’ll still need to travel through the most dangerous territories of Coventina to find the chosen one.

What she finds in the human realm, however, will make even the darkness seem pale.

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about the dark fae hollows


After the Fae and Humans nearly destroyed each other and their realms, the Queen of the Good Fae buried her thirteen daughters amidst the ruins, using their innate magic to create thirteen new hollows where Fae and Humans could rebuild.

Her valiant efforts were too little, too late. The violence and devastation contaminated the land, and dark energy leached into the earth, infecting the Queen’s thirteen daughters’ magic.

One hundred years later, the daughters rose from the earth. And with them came unimaginable darkness.

These are the stories of the Dark Fae hollows.