LG Castillo

The Sanctuary has two main rules: Crossing the boundary is punishable by death, and intimate relationships between humans and angels are forbidden. 

The Sanctuary is the only place protected from the covet curse, and life there is all Senna KNOWS. But when a mysterious light outside of the boundary compels Senna to cross and investigate, and she meets the stunning Archangel Cade, she soon finds herself on the path of breaking all the rules. The price if she gets caught? Her life.

Cade warns her that the spell protecting the Sanctuary is breaking and that the key to fixing it is an ancient book hidden in the wastelands. So she sets off with him to find the book, determined to do whatever it takes to save her home. But along their journey, Senna learns that Cade’s true motive could place the Sanctuary in danger. The choice is hers. Save the Sanctuary, or give into what she covets the most—him.

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about the cursed angels watchtowers

Angels and Witches must join forces to overcome the Demons that have cursed the earth.

Many years ago, a demon inhabited a witch’s body to cast a spell to open all thirteen dimensions so that the demon spirits trapped there could be unleashed onto earth. But when the demons were released, the dimensions collided, creating rifts in the earth that re-divided the world into 13 continents, each with their own curse.

In each city, high and protected in the city’s Watchtower, the Demon Lord of that dimension resides. And so long as that Demon remains on earth, his curse will reign over the Circle where he resides. In an attempt to reverse the damage, 13 of the strongest angels were sent to earth to defeat the Demon Lords. However, their sacrifice came at a price: they would have to take on the curse of the circle they were sent to, and would be damned to earth until the curse was lifted.

Lifting the curse, however, means befriending a witch…which the angels believed to all be as evil as the demons themselves.

These are the stories of the Cursed Angel watchtowers.