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Thank you for your interest in writing for the Charmed Legacy Coalition. We understand that, as an author, your time is valuable.
So we’ll get right to the point.

The Charmed Legacy Coalition is certainly not for everyone.

We realize many authors love indie publishing because they have complete control. They want to control how much they spend and who they hire for things like editing, cover design, and marketing. We do not recommend this collection for authors who do not want to deviate from their current providers (unless their current providers are the ones we are using) or for authors who are on a small budget and don’t feel they can justify our requirement to pay in advance to book the providers we require.

So then, who IS the Charmed Legacy Coalition for?

We’re looking for the best authors in the genre or authors with immense talent who, with the right guidance, could be just that. We are here to take your writing to the next level and then present the result of that to our ravenous readers. Charmed Legacy is for authors who want to do publishing right.

We operate via a pre-pay coaching/management/marketing program that handles everything for you but the writing. YOU keep 100% of your royalties, and your book will be published BY YOU, on YOUR vender accounts. Many Charmed Legacy authors are authors who are already spending this money–all we are doing is handling the management for them and creating an opportunity for cross-author sell-through and access to our 90,000+ (and growing) hungry readers, along with a KILLER world-building concept to inspire you. We give you the tools, and we teach you how to use them for maximum results.

How does this work?

Once you join our Author List, you’ll be emailed periodically with opportunities. These opportunities are first come, first served to those whose writing meets our requirements and who we feel would be a good match for that particular set. For this reason, it’s required that applicants be established authors with other novels they can direct us to to get a feel for their writing. If you are selected, you will be contacted with the opportunity to proceed. Authors are given 6-9 months to write their books, which allows time for editing, formatting, and scheduling promotions. We help every step of the way.

If selected to proceed, you will pre-pay for the following services:

  • 1 Book Cover and 1 Promo Image by Rebecca Frank ($525) Note: Covers are styled to the collection. That said, you will get to make some general requests that will be considered when creating a cover that works with the collection branding, and you will also be provided a final “proof” that you can request small changes to. If you want a print version, Rebecca Frank charges another $100 for that, which is not included in this price. If Rebecca Frank is not available for a collection, we will use an equally priced and skilled designer, such as (but not limited) to Damonza
  • 2 Editing Passes (1 Line-Editing Pass, 1 Proofreading Pass) by one of five approved editors ($600). Currently we are working with Cynthia Shepp, Kathy Lapeyre, Rainy Kaye, Lindsey Loucks, and Margo Bond Collins.
  • Book Launch Advertising ($600) with sites such as BookBub, eReader News Today, BookSends, Book Barbarian, Fussy Librarian, Book Gorilla, I Love Vampire Novels, and similar sites. We book whatever we can to use up that $500 budget with the best advertisers we can get for any particular title.
  • Formatting Service with Monica Corwin ($35)
  • Management by Rebecca Hamilton* ($490)
  • TOTAL COST is $2,250 – If you are coauthoring a collection, this amount can be split between the participating authors

DISCOUNT: If you are in the Master Course currently or have completed that course in the past, you may take a $250 discount on this package.

*Management includes:

    • World-building packet to base your story on
    • Access to New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton’s MASTER COURSE (View Only) to improve writing, branding, and marketing skills (valued at $500)
    • Service Payments and Scheduling (you make one payment, and we pay everyone else from that, saving you the time and hassle of making payments and scheduling)
    • Publishing support to ensure you will get 3x as much exposure as normally available.
    • For the sake of transparency, after we pay Paypal fees on your payment and run your new release blast, we are profiting $330 for the year involved in bringing your book from concept to reality. This $330 covers weekly support. We feel that our services are worth the less-than-$7-a-week we are asking for, but we realize not everyone will agree. If you have any questions or want to speak with authors who have worked with us before prior to applying, references can be provided.

What kind of money can you expect to make?

If you follow our publishing guidelines and recommendations, we expect your title to make a minimum of 3-5k the first month of publication (for unestablished authors). We cannot guarantee sales. This estimate is based on number provided by clients who have followed Rebecca’s publishing guidelines (concept, cover, editing, marketing) in the past.

Authors who already have a following should still expect this to be one of their best releases ever! Of course, we cannot promise what you will make, but for those wondering, we are basing this on years of repeat and consistent results in running similar projects and offering similar support to authors in these genres.

Q & A

Why did you create Charmed Legacy?

It started with authors asking me to do something like and asking me to manage everything but the writing for them. They wanted book ideas, they wanted me to book their advertising, they wanted me to do their marketing, they wanted me to handle their book cover for them. I didn’t, at the time, offer anything like that. I didn’t think I ever would. But then I had an idea…this idea.

From there, I brought the idea to my clients publicly, to ask them if what I was working on was what they had in mind, if it was something they would be interested in participating in. With such high interest, we quickly decided to forge ahead. We never expected to get such a huge response so quickly. After all, we handled everything with a soft launch, with this opportunity being meant only for those who have worked with us in the past. As many know, though, world travels fast in the indie world, so before long, people we never intended to suggest our services to were asking questions. Understandably. Since then, we’re added this Q & A to answer some of the most common questions and concerns.

Is this ghost writing?

Nope! You create your own plots within our world and write your own books in your own style. You publish under your own name on your own Amazon account and keep 100% of the profits. You have the right to sell your book to a publisher or to a film agency as well as to use the characters you create in future stories. The only thing “borrowed” that does not belong to you is the world-building that is created by us and provided for you to borrow as inspiration for your story.

Whose brand are we building?

We’re not the first people to run an author coalition of shared world writing. This has been done for years. All we are doing is creating a very specific standard. We provide the branding for Charmed Legacy, and of course, by being a part of one of our collections, you will leave an imprint here as well. But we are also helping you to build YOUR brand. Everything we do will help you build your social media, your newsletter, and most importantly, your audience. Authors will be selling-through to their own books as well as to other books in the collection. That’s a two way street. It means everything you do that supports others, there’s also fifteen other authors doing the same to support you. Think of this as a way to publish a book that reaches not just your existing audience, but fifteen other audiences as well. This audience is yours to win over and keep for as long as they wish to stay with you, even after you’re time with us has ended.

Why is Charmed Legacy picking the editors and cover designers?

We are trying to create a consistent standard for our readers to expect. By doing this, we also create a situation where anyone who reads on Charmed Legacy book knows they can expect the same or similar quality in the next book. This creates a high chance of your book selling through to other authors…and also of author authors selling through to you. If we let others choose this, it could potentially hurt others in the group, who may put more into creating their project, creating sell through to other titles that are less likely to sell through to their own. Again, we realize this isn’t for everyone, but for those who this does resonate with, we are creating a situation that will be fair to everyone involved and insure everyone involved have the greatest possible success with their release.

How do authors know how their money is being spent?

You probably noticed that we list how we are spending this money earlier on this page, but who wouldn’t want more reassurance when spending such a huge chunk of money? Because we understand this, we are sure to keep our authors informed. This means we are willing to, upon request at any time, provide a screen shot of our Paypal account to participating authors who wish to see how the money is being spent or to confirm that it is still where it needs to be in the meantime. We will never spend your money for anything other than promised without first discussing with you. If for any reason we cannot spend your money on what is promised and you do not like the alternative, we would effectively be in breech of contract and therefore your money would be returned to you immediately.

Who owns the books I write for Charmed Legacy?

You do. You own the book, the book cover, the plot, the writing, the story, the characters. If it’s your intellect that came up with it, it’s your property. The only thing you don’t own is the world building, because we are the ones coming up with that. Read the terms below for more information. We have a very author-friendly approach that seeks to protect you as well as everyone else who is counting on you for the collection to do well. We think you’ll find the terms are fair.

What are the terms?

The terms may vary from collection to collection, but the basics are always outlined on our sign up forms prior to requesting to be considered for a spot. The terms we do have in place are to insure that all participating authors get their fair share of cross promotion out of the collection that they effectively signed up for. For this reason, the following terms are commonly found:
1) You cannot change the book cover during the first 2 years of publication. After that, you may change the book cover, but if you do, your book will be removed from the Charmed Legacy website. This is for branding purposes.
2) You must use an unaltered formatted-by-us ebook of your novel on all vendors. This will include clean back matter that gives you opportunity to sell through to other titles as well as to have readers join your personal newsletter, along with a link to the landing page for the collection.
3) You cannot write more books in the Charmed Legacy World you participate in unless invited to a future project to do so. This is to protect all the authors in the collection and ensure everyone has an equal share of potential sell-through. We do retain rights to the world building, as we are the ones creating it, but you retain rights to everything else you create within that world.
4) You MAY take your characters and write them into other books with DIFFERENT world building. While you are only borrowing the world-building, your characters belong to YOU. Your writing belongs to you! Your plot and story belong to you.
5) You must follow our pricing policies, which are: $0.99 on new release week, $2.99 after that up to your first 100 reviews, after that you may price at 3.99 or 4.99 – your choice. Over 200 reviews and you may assume complete pricing control. Sales, however, are limited to a $0.99 up to 5 days once every quarter.
6) You may choose if you want to go wide or go in Kindle Unlimited. We believe you will make excellent money either way. You may also choose if you want to enroll in preorder, though we recommend it for these particular collections.
7) Print publication is up to you.
8) You may sell your book to a publisher (you retain your rights), but the terms of the contract that are set to protect other authors in the coalition will still stand.

Where can I view a Sample of your Contract?

We have a sample, minus the signing lines, available HERE. Please keep in mind we are always working to update the wording of our terms to make sure it’s clear our collections work in an authors best favor while protecting other authors in the collection. If you have any questions, please ask before signing. Thank you for your time and interest!

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